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  • Afties on Aldrich
    This is a separate world. Lust and Lady Gaga, gays and theys. “We’re FOX News’ worst nightmare!” Someone shouts with a thrill. 
  • “I am not afraid to be seen trying.”
    So much of finding my way in writing, in work, in relationships, has been to try something and see if it works. Many times, it doesn’t.
  • Google Searches We Never Asked For
    We are talking about image About loss About 30 quick tips for patriarchy smashing About Eight ways to keep your cool this holiday season How To lose a life in 10 posts  To lose a life in 10 lbs How To be the world’s most profound activist in three simple clicks Why More people should […]
  • Fleetwood’s Golden Shovel
    “and the songbirds keep singing, like they know the score/and I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before” – Fleetwood Mac, Songbird – You were carrying groceries and Asking about a news story from yesterday when the Little guys stopped and made us listen. Those songbirds! Above, perched on the broken […]
  • Come Hydda-Way!
    Project responsibilities include: editorial direction / project coordination / vendor editorial coordination / interviews / content writing / social media management + design / experiential design + installation / expert moving truck driver / amazon-ordering aficionado / close friend of the event’s on-site corndog stand Some may say print is dead, but I’d beg to […]
  • poetry: the drive home
    the drive home highway 19 changed its speed limit last month and finally caught up with the rest of the county. you always did 65 anyway, so it hardly matters. the big steer thirty feet above the interstate gas station is looking worn these days—could use a new paint job and a few more spots. […]

Life Lately

“Beyond everything else, she loves this: how swiftly things can strike her–music, people, life–how quickly they can surprise her, like a punch.”

Jennifer Egan

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