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I was scrolling through Pinterest again–somehow this often sparks me to write mental health pieces. But I saw this quote and thought, “Are you supposed to do all of these things in one day? The same day?” I’ve put an ungodly amount of work and therapy into learning how to cope with, recognize, and offset… Continue Reading →

20 in 2020: What I Read This Year

My goal at the beginning of the year was to read 25 books. With the short stories, quick bits of poetry, and half-finished books I couldn’t stay awake through, I’d say I mostly hit it. Would I have read this many had a global pandemic not happened? Debatable. Today I’m only talking about the books… Continue Reading →

Just Ask: Getting What You Want

*My piece was originally published on The Bleu. Read the original here. I’m well aware of how ridiculous Pinterest quotes can be, but sometimes I can’t help saving one to my desktop for a quick, inspirational pick-me-up when the going gets rough. I scrolled across a gem recently that said, “Set your goals. Stay quiet… Continue Reading →

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“Beyond everything else, she loves this: how swiftly things can strike her — music, people, life — how quickly they can surprise her — like a punch.”

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