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In an effort to write more often, our professor assigned us to keep a journal of things we observe in our world. Based on Ross Gay’s Book of Delights (which I HIGHLY recommend), we chose a word to focus on through writing mini essays every day. Given that the semester started in a polar vortex,… Continue Reading →

5:47 in North Beach

The semester has begun, and I’m already in love with my Groundings in Creative Nonfiction class. The reading list is a marvel within itself. A class of incredible writers to surround myself with doesn’t hurt, either. Our first assignment was so much fun I decided to share! This piece was meant to be short, which… Continue Reading →


I was scrolling through Pinterest again–somehow this often sparks me to write mental health pieces. But I saw this quote and thought, “Are you supposed to do all of these things in one day? The same day?” I’ve put an ungodly amount of work and therapy into learning how to cope with, recognize, and offset… Continue Reading →

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“Beyond everything else, she loves this: how swiftly things can strike her — music, people, life — how quickly they can surprise her — like a punch.”

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