Come Hydda-Way!

Project responsibilities include: editorial direction / project coordination / vendor editorial coordination / interviews / content writing / social media management + design / experiential design + installation / expert moving truck driver / amazon-ordering aficionado / close friend of the event’s on-site corndog stand Some may say print is dead, but I’d beg to… Continue Reading →

poetry: the drive home

the drive home highway 19 changed its speed limit last month and finally caught up with the rest of the county. you always did 65 anyway, so it hardly matters. the big steer thirty feet above the interstate gas station is looking worn these days—could use a new paint job and a few more spots…. Continue Reading →

poetry: 2 weeks notice

This poem is pretty self-explanatory and was written during a time last fall where I felt trapped and couldn’t write (or think) about anything else. One of the craft tendencies I have in my work is to mimic and incorporate social media terms, slang, and format. As someone who works in digital media for my… Continue Reading →

poetry: sunday

Lines scribbled on a Sunday and reformed into Monday’s poem for class. sunday bring your to-go cups and farmers market flowers. the cold wine from the sink. give remembrance to your 2am songs, your light beer cheers and the brewery dog named Archimedes. give hands to block sunlight, gritted with sunscreen, and others to hold… Continue Reading →

New Year, More Writing!

It’s been a while. I haven’t felt like anything I have to say has crystallized and I’ve been so busy in the “growing” phase of life that I felt like I couldn’t speak to it yet. Everything was moving so fast that at many times this fall, I was simply doing my best to hold… Continue Reading →

ben and emma in hawaii on beach

The Apartment Gremlin

Working from home alongside someone, and spending such extended periods of time in quarantine together creates a unique routine. I think we’ve all developed habits with our roomies (partners, friends, pets, etc.) that likely never would have existed if we weren’t stuck together for so long. There’s something beautiful in that to me. The wandering… Continue Reading →

reading a book in sunset

Monday Mornings + Mary Oliver

Musings from this spring. Sage and peonies, Monday mornings are yours. The bakery doors locked, the Insta-mommies running errands and too busy to post. An alarm that finally doesn’t need setting. You trim flowers in the sink as their stems splay out across old cereal bowls and semi-rinsed recycling. The local news hums quietly in… Continue Reading →

What I’ve Learned From Traveling Alone

“A woman is never more beautiful than when she’s traveling alone.” I try to imagine what I look like travelling solo—what I actually look like. I can usually be found on a street corner somewhere in the world, sweaty and lost, holding a book in one hand and a tote bag heavy with snacks in… Continue Reading →

messy bed in natural light


In an effort to write more often, our professor assigned us to keep a journal of things we observe in our world. Based on Ross Gay’s Book of Delights (which I HIGHLY recommend), we chose a word to focus on through writing mini essays every day. Given that the semester started in a polar vortex,… Continue Reading →

5:47 in North Beach

The semester has begun, and I’m already in love with my Groundings in Creative Nonfiction class. The reading list is a marvel within itself. A class of incredible writers to surround myself with doesn’t hurt, either. Our first assignment was so much fun I decided to share! This piece was meant to be short, which… Continue Reading →


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“The thought was thrilling and terrifying. They could do this foolish thing. And if so, then what? What could they not do?”

Brit Bennett

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