Ideas taste better at my favorite bakery and former client, Honey + Rye Bakehouse.

Copywriting, experiential marketing, storytelling, and more.

I believe in the power of sharing stories and have learned a few tricks about how to bring this passion to life for brands I love. Check out a few of my favorite projects and pieces that have made it into the universe.

My Latest Work

Come Hydda-Way!

Project responsibilities include:editorial direction / project coordination / vendor editorial coordination / interviews / content writing / social media management + design / experiential design + installation / expert moving truck driver / amazon-ordering aficionado / close friend of the event’s on-site corndog stand Some may say print is dead, but I’d beg to differ.…

Just Ask: Getting What You Want

*My piece was originally published on The Bleu. Read the original here. I’m well aware of how ridiculous Pinterest quotes can be, but sometimes I can’t help saving one to my desktop for a quick, inspirational pick-me-up when the going gets rough. I scrolled across a gem recently that said, “Set your goals. Stay quiet…

Copywriting with Colored Organics

Be warned — cuteness overload! Besides sorting through adorable pictures of babies all day, one of the most fun things I’ve been able to do with Colored Organics is write their copy. From clothing descriptions to packaging rebranding, I’ve been able to try my hand at so many new forms of writing that push me creatively. Here’s…

Find Me On The Internet

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash Want to see my writing outside of Emma In Print? Wit and Delight: Writers Weigh in on Their Messy Routines Popsugar: “How I Keep Stress From Taking a Physical Toll.” The Bleu: “Just Ask: Getting What You Want.” The Bleu: “Everything You Should Be Watching This Fall.”


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