Everything Is Falling Into Place

Why Lesley Yuen Is A Perfect Match For SERENDIPITYAs SERENDIPITY quickly approaches, we’ve been working to assemble an incredible team of volunteers. Putting on a conference for 500 women, across dozens of venues, less than a year after launching the GUILD, would be nearly impossible without the help of these passionate women. Our volunteers are... Continue Reading →

In Defense Of Letting Go

How Health And Wellness Education Is More Than Just A New WorkoutI was in a vicious cycle, hitting a breaking point every few weeks. Making deadlines as a writer in my previous job, it seemed like most nights didn’t end until 10pm or later, and I would drive home exhausted, hungry, and thinking about checking my... Continue Reading →

Why Is There No Big-Name Female Investor?

The Woman Who Wants To Be First Tells Us WhySERENDIPITY has consumed most of our conversations around the office this month, but not for the reason you’d expect. Sure, we’re in the throes of confirming speakers, venues, and the nitty-gritty details of our first ever unconference, but more often, we find ourselves talking about the inspiring... Continue Reading →

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