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How The English Major Turned Novice Graphic DesignerI won’t be a poser. I’m a creative writer through and through…but I will admit that my constant response of, “I don’t know, but I can play around and figure it out!” has lead me *lightly* into the graphic design world.When you’re working for a non-profit or a startup... Continue Reading →

Behind Emma In Print

Photo courtesy of the incredible Kelsey Lee PhotographyHi there, I’m Emma. Thanks for visiting.Emma in Print has lived many lives. Serving as a portfolio, a scratch pad, and now, a sounding board as I expand my work.This fall, I began my MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University. I’m putting more emphasis on my personal... Continue Reading →

The New York Series, Part II

Excerpts from “Formative: The Years That Changed Everything”Part II already? A little confused? Maybe you missed Part I? Catch up here.As mentioned before, the following is digital excerpts from my largest body of work to date, “Formative: The Years That Changed Everything.” This is highly personal, heavily researched, and illustrated best as a conversation with... Continue Reading →

The New York Series, Part I

Excerpts from “Formative: The Years That Changed Everything”Courtesy of UnsplashGraduations, weddings, children, new careers: life’s grand scale begins to shift and change in your twenties. Decisions that are seemingly small ripple in echoes across decades, imprinting on a life.In this story, we’re all in our twenties. It’s the first question I asked each of my grandparents:... Continue Reading →

68 Of The Greatest Things In The World

An Exercise In Slowing DownAll photos courtesy of UnsplashA few weeks ago, I felt completely exhausted with the thought of almost everything ahead of me in a day. Even the smallest things like stopping by the grocery store on the way home felt like it would take the greatest effort. Recently in moments like this, where all... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Room

A Meditation On Missing YouWe eat deep-dish pizza until I think I’m going to see stars. It is freezing cold next to that window that looks over the Uptown commuters on the walk home, but I like seeing the bustle. Our countdown has moved from days into hours, and we both know our night is short.... Continue Reading →

Book Your Plane Ticket. I Already Did.

4 Ways You’ll See San Francisco Differently After SERENDIPITY*Note: This article was originally published On The Table for The GUILD, my favorite way to network. To see the original story, click here!San Francisco. It’s known for the tech, world-famous sourdough, and of course, the legendary Golden Gate Bridge. As a Midwest native, when my plane... Continue Reading →

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