Behind Emma In Print

Photo courtesy of the incredible Kelsey Lee Photography

Hi there, I’m Emma. Thanks for visiting.

Emma in Print has lived many lives. Serving as a portfolio, a scratch pad, and now, a sounding board as I expand my work.

This fall, I began my MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University. I’m putting more emphasis on my personal life, and examining what “burn out” really means to me. I have a job in a small, happy bakery. I’m traveling the world for a few months.

I’m sitting in a time of pause. Which is NOT in my nature. And so, the space at Emma in Print is dedicated to my messy figuring it out. Growing into the writer I want to be. And in a few months, it might be something else. We’re in this journey together!

Interested in working together? Please reach out!

Contact me at

Can all world problems be solved with Sweet Martha’s cookies? Probably not. But it’s a good start.

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