Everything Is Falling Into Place

Why Lesley Yuen Is A Perfect Match For SERENDIPITY

As SERENDIPITY quickly approaches, we’ve been working to assemble an incredible team of volunteers. Putting on a conference for 500 women, across dozens of venues, less than a year after launching the GUILD, would be nearly impossible without the help of these passionate women. Our volunteers are the face of the GUILD, of SERENDIPITY, and represent what it means to help women learn, connect, and inspire.

Today, we’re talking to Vancouver native Lesley Yuen, owner of OMG Social Media, a woman who has the idea of serendipity incorporated into every part of her life (and she’s got a tattoo to prove it!). New to San Francisco in July, Lesley joined the GUILD, and immediately got involved with SERENDIPITY! Read on to learn the story behind her tattoo, and the best advice she has for small business social media success.

So Lesley, we’re thrilled you’ve decided to volunteer your time to SERENDIPITY. What prompted you to sign up?

As a woman, I know we often have a hard time being open about concerns or issues we encounter. What I loved about SERENDIPITY when I came across the event, is it’s ability to bring women together so we can support each other and talk about things that matter to us. Like you mentioned, I have a tattoo on my arm of the word “serendipity,” so I knew I wanted to be part of an event with an idea that is deeply rooted within me.

Well we’re so glad you’re going to be joining us! I have to ask, though, what’s the story behind the tattoo?!

Serendipity is the absolute belief that despite how events in life plays out, that something positive will occur. I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for five years. When I visited Europe last year, I got absolutely lost in the Italian countryside with no trains leaving the countryside going back to Rome where I was staying. To make things worse, it started to rain heavily. Thankfully, a handsome Italian gentleman ended up offering to give me a ride back to the city and on top of that, a wonderful tour of the town that I was in. Despite how lost, drenched in rain, and on a seemingly failed mission of finding wineries on the countryside, I had a wonderful time.

This theme, I noticed, is consistent with the people I’ve met in my career. A coffee chat that led me to a new opportunity. A lost opportunity that led me to an even better one. Meeting people who inspired me to do more, chase after my dreams, and reach my fullest potential.

That’s an awesome story. You mentioned that you’ve seen this theme occur in your career. You’ve organized conferences in Canada for your company, OMG Social Media. What is it that you love about putting on events?

OMG is not only a conference, it’s the idea of bringing people together. It’s a community. When you put on an event, you know people are gathered there for a single purpose. They want to be there. They’re engaged. They’re exchanging ideas. In essence, it’s an event is a community that thrives on supporting each other.

It’s amazing that you’ve been able to build such a strong community, and we’re happy to have you join ours as well! One last thing we’d love ask you…as a marketer for small businesses, what’s your best advice for a new company trying to promote themselves?

The most important advice for a new business is to just get out there. Just do it. A lot of businesses have the ‘Analysis Paralysis’ syndrome, in which they’re overthinking what it takes to start building their brand and losing precious time when they could actually be actively making an impact.

Look for Lesley this October at SERENDIPITY, and stay tuned for more profiles on our amazing volunteers! Interested in joining our team of women? Learn more here about what it takes to volunteer at SERENDIPITY.

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