Freelance Finance

Photo credit: Glen Carstens via UnsplashI have a rocky relationship with the banking app on my phone. Every time I’m about to get a paycheck or put savings away, I check it obsessively. Other times, though, like when I decide to buy one too many rounds of drinks for friends, I need to take a deep... Continue Reading →

Get Graphic

How The English Major Turned Novice Graphic DesignerI won’t be a poser. I’m a creative writer through and through…but I will admit that my constant response of, “I don’t know, but I can play around and figure it out!” has lead me *lightly* into the graphic design world.When you’re working for a non-profit or a startup... Continue Reading →

Behind Emma In Print

Photo courtesy of the incredible Kelsey Lee PhotographyHi there, I’m Emma. Thanks for visiting.Emma in Print has lived many lives. Serving as a portfolio, a scratch pad, and now, a sounding board as I expand my work.This fall, I began my MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University. I’m putting more emphasis on my personal... Continue Reading →

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