The Apartment Gremlin

In another piece of writing, this was a name I gave my roommate, Ben. In this mini-essay from my "Warmth" series though, I'd consider him anything but. Working from home alongside someone, and spending such extended periods of time in quarantine together creates a unique routine. I think we've all developed habits with our roomies... Continue Reading →

The New York Series, Part V

Excerpts from Formative: A Reconstruction of the Years That Changed EverythingThe following is the fifth part in The New York Series, a piece I’ve been working on that tells the stories of my grandparents and myself. If you’d like to start from the beginning, click here!Photo by on UnsplashKathleen, September 1963Kathleen was exhausted. As she... Continue Reading →

The New York Series, Part IV

Excerpts from “Formative: The Years That Changed Everything”Here we are, at one of my favorite parts in the story of my grandparents! The following is the (TRUE!) story of how they met. Valentine’s Day. School dance. 1963.Want to know what happened before this? Catch up here.Photo by Andrew Knechel on UnsplashKathleen, February 1963Kathleen had finally made it... Continue Reading →

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