The New York Series, Part IV

Excerpts from “Formative: The Years That Changed Everything”Here we are, at one of my favorite parts in the story of my grandparents! The following is the (TRUE!) story of how they met. Valentine’s Day. School dance. 1963.Want to know what happened before this? Catch up here.Photo by Andrew Knechel on UnsplashKathleen, February 1963Kathleen had finally made it... Continue Reading →

The New York Series, Part I

Excerpts from “Formative: The Years That Changed Everything”Courtesy of UnsplashGraduations, weddings, children, new careers: life’s grand scale begins to shift and change in your twenties. Decisions that are seemingly small ripple in echoes across decades, imprinting on a life.In this story, we’re all in our twenties. It’s the first question I asked each of my grandparents:... Continue Reading →

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