Lost In The Pages: 10 Summer Reads

Photo by Ugur Akdemir on UnsplashI write this coming back from a day of laying out by the pool and sweating through the last few chapters of my latest summer read. As a waitress this summer, for the first time in years, I have free time during the day — something I often don’t know what to do... Continue Reading →

The New York Series, Part IV

Excerpts from “Formative: The Years That Changed Everything”Here we are, at one of my favorite parts in the story of my grandparents! The following is the (TRUE!) story of how they met. Valentine’s Day. School dance. 1963.Want to know what happened before this? Catch up here.Photo by Andrew Knechel on UnsplashKathleen, February 1963Kathleen had finally made it... Continue Reading →

The New York Series, Part III

Excerpts from “Formative: The Years That Changed Everything”Photo by Samuel Zeller on UnsplashA little confused? Want to read the first two parts? Catch up here.Tommy, March 1961He felt suspended, on edge, hopeful. A few weeks ago he found out that somehow, he’d managed to score well enough on the SAT to get a tuition waiver from New... Continue Reading →

A Note On Living Alone

What I Learned When I Traded 10,000 Lakes For 1,000,000 PeopleAs someone who is revisiting this piece only three weeks before graduating college, I can say that this year of twenty-one has been a fast changing one. Most of this post arose when I was in the really hard part of living on my own... Continue Reading →

68 Of The Greatest Things In The World

An Exercise In Slowing DownAll photos courtesy of UnsplashA few weeks ago, I felt completely exhausted with the thought of almost everything ahead of me in a day. Even the smallest things like stopping by the grocery store on the way home felt like it would take the greatest effort. Recently in moments like this, where all... Continue Reading →

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