Copywriting with Colored Organics

Be warned — cuteness overload!

Besides sorting through adorable pictures of babies all day, one of the most fun things I’ve been able to do with Colored Organics is write their copy.

From clothing descriptions to packaging rebranding, I’ve been able to try my hand at so many new forms of writing that push me creatively. Here’s a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to with Colored Organics.

Colored Organics recently released two brand new collections. With these adorable models, showcasing Colored Organics was easy.

In addition to copy, I’ve had fun creating biweekly blog posts and write ups on the monthly partnerships Colored Organics fosters with charities from around the world.

Click here to read my favorite blog posts.

Click here to read about some of my favorite partnerships.

Oh, and my favorite part — I’m responsible for all things social media with Colored Organics. Just over this weekend, we’ve hit 30,000 followers! Check out their latest on Instagram.

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