Feature: MN Meetings + Events Interview

When Minnesota Meetings and Events reached out to Girl Friday about event design trends for 2020, I couldn’t come up with answers fast enough. Working in experiential design has been not only a lot of fun, but illuminated some of the changes coming our way in the next year.

As the Client Manager at Girl Friday, I worked with a variety of clients, all looking for a unique interactive piece to help them stand out. Whether it was helping Target say the biggest “THANK YOU!” to their employees, or teaming up with a local agency to make Bremer’s rebranding a smash hit, we approached every project from a new angle.

Megan asked our team specifically about what we’re seeing from an interactive standpoint in the industry, and I was happy to share. To read the full article, click here.

“We’ve started to receive requests for installations that can be more interactive. It could be an artful way to ask a big question and get answers from participants or finding ways to truly immerse someone into a piece of art. While we all know a great event is about creating an experience, we’re seeing clients that are looking to add an even higher level of meaning to their events — sending stronger messages that push the envelope.” — Emma Geary, Client Manager, Girl Friday​

Here’s a few photos of the projects I had the pleasure of being a part of. I feel lucky to have worked with such an impressive roster of clients — especially since they were all willing to take the leap and try something fresh!

I was thrilled to work with The Current (my favorite local radio station) for their birthday celebration at First Avenue, pictured left. On the right is an installation that stopped traffic at the Calhoun Beach Club — still one of my favorites of all time! (Credit: @girlfridaycreative)
Girl, wash your face! Pictured left is one of the many backdrops we did for Rachel Hollis’ RISE conference in July 2019. The annual Starkey Gala is pictured right, where we hung hundreds of paper butterflies from the sky at The Armory. (Credit: @girlfridaycreative)

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