Why Is There No Big-Name Female Investor?

The Woman Who Wants To Be First Tells Us Why

SERENDIPITY has consumed most of our conversations around the office this month, but not for the reason you’d expect. Sure, we’re in the throes of confirming speakers, venues, and the nitty-gritty details of our first ever unconference, but more often, we find ourselves talking about the inspiring women that have joined our tribe to share their insights with our attendees.

Our excitement makes sense since the investing powerhouse, Hoda Mehr, signed on to join SERENDIPITY early in our planning process to lead the session (with one of our favorite titles, I might add) “Invest Like A Woman.” One scroll through her LinkedIn and Twitter proves she’s the perfect woman to bring attendees on this journey in the Striking Gold house, and the conversation we had with her this week made us realize just how incredible it is to have her in our network.

“It’s a blogging kinda day! Updating our blog with a lot of our recent developments! Our beta before beta launch is coming up! #startuplife” @HodaMehr

Hoda has recently launched Stock Card, which is a godsend for people like me, who know they should be investing, but don’t know where to start. Through this platform, you have a tool to make smart, fact-based investments without spending hours senselessly researching companies on the NASDAQ. So next time you’re googling “should I invest in this or that,” search for Stock Card instead.

I sat down with Hoda in the middle of her crazy week, and had the chance to ask her what it means to “Invest Like A Woman.”

So Hoda, in your blog, you share that the goal of Stock Card is to awaken the investor in all of us. What are some simple ways that someone like me could tap into my inner investor?

Hoda: Right, as you read, our company’s first mission is to awaken the inner investors in our community. This comes through helping them to understand and harness the power of fact-based, long-term investing.

There are four elements to this goal. First, many need to understand that investing is not a luxury, but a necessity. Second, it’s important to gain confidence and remember that anyone can be an investor, there’s no secret magic to it. Third, realize that investing is a long-term process, not one-time lottery. And finally, it’s time to jump in and actually invest, which is how you’ll gain results. At Stock Card, we are now just focusing on item number four, and we will gradually build our product and content backward to cover all four areas.

Your session at SERENDIPITY is titled, ‘Invest Like A Woman.’ As someone who has extensive experience in the finance world, what does that mean to you in this present climate?

I often ask myself, why there is no big-name women investor? Where is the female equivalent to Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch? I want to be the first one, and I want my female network to aspire and get there too. I’ve learned that women don’t identify as investors which is actually counterintuitive because studies show that women are more analytical and process driven — the keys to being a great investor. So, there’s a confidence problem here. After women gain that confidence, they can rely on the analytical and process-driven qualities that come naturally to women.

That’s really inspiring to hear. I’m excited to see what else you’ll be sharing at SERENDIPITY. What are you personally most excited for in our first-ever unconference?

SERENDIPITY disrupts the old-school conference model. I think the conference industry needs to be rebuilt. With the availability of great content all around us, we don’t need a keynote talk that we can watch on YouTube. We don’t need a networking opportunity that we can access through LinkedIn. Most conferences have succumbed to this, and are therefore useless. SERENDIPITY is designed differently, and will be different. A true disruptive experience!

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